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At Port


At Port



Supply Chain Visibility

Increased transparency on Sea and Land

Track your cargo, special cargo and equipment with Spoor. Designed to be simple, fast and beautiful. Our customizable and intuitive web interface gives you and your customers real insights into your supply chain.

Effective Tools

Some of our core Features

Easy Hook-up

Connect with IoT devices on the fly. You can choose between SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, iOS/Android app or our web platform.

Event Management

Automate your supply chain event management through location interactions and IoT device inputs and easily manage advanced reporting and notifications.

Third Party API Integration

Spoor securely links IoT devices and other data sources with your transportation management system to generate real visibility of your supply chain.

Device Agnostic

Choose your device - Spoor supports various tracking hardware so you can choose the one which suits your needs best.

Lock Mechanism
Magnetic Attachment
Solar Powered
Advanced Sensors


Track cargo from any origin to any destination.

Designed for tracking cargo on land and sea. Follow the cargo fromport ofloading to place of delivery, get information on ETAs, monitor conditions, create automated status reports and alerts and keep records of deliveries and trips.

Spoor Special Cargo

Track cargo from any origin to the same destination.

Designed for monitoring project cargo on land and sea. Follow the cargo from loading port through yard to site, know who delivers what, monitor conditions (speed, shock, etc.) and keep records of deliveries, trips and drivers.

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